What does G.P.B.P. stand for?

Good People, Better Places.

When did how did G.P.B.P. originate?

G.P.B.P started as an idea in Keith's 2017 college year at Frostburg State. The idea came from the modern development of mental health awareness as well as the need for more services to raise and implement that awareness.

What is the mission or main objective?

G.P.B.P. aims to bring awareness to mental health, celebrate personal growth, and cultivate community prosperity. 

Where did the mantra "Celebrate Your Now" come from?

"Celebrate Your Now" encapsulates the general ideas behind G.P.B.P. When we talk about celebrating your now we are speaking in terms of celebrating your surroundings as a whole. Celebrating your mental adversity, your personal journey, and those around you that enable you to live to your fullest potential.

Is there anything out there like G.P.B.P.?

Not since the days of "Life is Good" has there been a brand relevant in the mental health and personal affirmation industry. G.P.B.P. directly centers around providing a support system for those in their everyday progressions.

Who is G.P.B.P. right for?

G.P.B.P. both applies and designs for anyone struggling, coping, or relating with mental illness. Our unique collections are based around the ideas and compartments of everyday lifestyles. We specialize in generating material that speaks to embracing self-worth and positive affluence.

How do I get involved?

G.P.B.P. is always looking for those that want to get involved whether it be from the production standpoint, an event management perspective, or simply a member of our group and community activism. Feel free to reach out for more info!